3 Travel Tips

Welcome to my first travel post. Remember the first book review I wrote a couple of months ago on Taraji’s auto-biography, Around the Way Girl?

I ended by mentioning that I will also dare…. I kept it a secret. But know I can reveal that I had the courage to go on a solo trip to Cuba! Yes I did!! I will write another post to do a review and speak in more depth about that experience.

For now, I want to give you my top 3 personal travel tips. I tried to make it original because I know there are thousands of posts on the matter. Let’s dive in.

1.Be open-minded

Whether you are travelling alone, as a couple or in a group you MUST have an open-mind. If you are to get out of your city, you can’t stay in the same routine. I am not saying that you should flip and become another person. It’s just that we should be open to trying new things when we travel. It can be trying food you never tasted or doing activities you never tried doing. Make the most of this experience to go out of your comfort zone. It is a nice way to grow and become a well-rounded person.

2. Never assume that people don’t speak or understand your native language when you go abroad.

That’s a big one. I am actually laughing while writing this. So, I went to one of the restaurants in the resort. I was alone in a section but after awhile the waiter started to bring people close to me. So 2 couples from Quebec were sitting beside me and they started talking about me. I have to mention that I was born and raised in Quebec, Canada so I also speak French. Now they were sitting less than 5 feet away from me… These four individuals were basically making fun of me because I was alone (but not lonely though). I thought to myself: ‘’Is this really happening? Are they dumb or are they dumb?’’ Normally I wouldn’t say a word. But I am in a daring phase, right!? So I decided that I would confront them. After finishing my dessert I told them: I speak french so I will tell you MY opinion on that matter: travelling solo.

This scenario reminded of another situation that happened to me a while ago. The roles are reversed but the difference I was being nice. Back in 8th grade (secondary 2) I went to Florida with my school, to Universal Studios to be more precise. My friends and I were waiting in line to ride a rollercoaster. And this C-U-T-E darkskin employee passed by. He smelled SOOOO good. Loud as I am, I yelled : this guy smells so good; he’s so fine (in French because that’s my first language). And we were all giggling about it. Then it was our turn to get on the ride. He was in charge of making sure our belts were secure. So when he came up to me he said:

D’ou viens-tu? (where are you from?)

Me: Du Canada. Et toi? (from Canada, and you?)

Him: De la France! (from France)

Me: oh cool! (oh nice!)

And he left. That’s when I realized that our exchange was in French…. So that meant that he understood French. It also meant that he understood all the things I said about him. Well that was an epic fail! All this to say: don’t ever assume that people in another country doesn’t speak your language even if it’s not their official language.

3.Take the time to disconnect

In this day an age we can be engulfed with technology and social media. They can be really helpful for different aspects of life but sometimes our minds needs a break. I think that vacation was the perfect time to unplug. I am not saying that we shouldn’t use our phones and take pictures of our experiences. But we have to find a balance between capturing the moment and living in the moment. Unfortunately, technology and social media are hindering us to live in the present moment. I also struggle with this too! When I went to Cuba, I visited a cave. As we were walking in the underground I kept taking pictures of my surroundings. But I was not even appreciating the beauty of it all. In fact, I was not even paying attention to where I was stepping… I had to tell myself to pause and enjoy the magnificient view facing me.

So that ends my version of top 3 travel tips. But I know there are so much more to learn. Therefore I am curious to know about your top 3 travel tips. Don’t forget to write them in the comments below before you leave.

Until next time, shine your light!