About me



Hi, my name is  Abigail. It’s a Hebrew name that means the joy of the father or the source of Joy. The day I discovered that was life-changing because I got so much insight into myself. Yes, because I am a joyful person. I L-UUUUV to laugh. I laugh about any and everything, but first I laugh at myself. I can add that  I am a crazy, full of energy millennial. Consistency and organization are my strengths. I like to meet new people and getting to know them. My curiosity brings me to ever-learning experiences, contexts and environments.


What else can I say about myself? Well, I love words. That’s why I love to read, I love to speak. And it’s also the reason why I started a blog.


But other than that I describe myself as a Daughter of God because that’s who I am. Every day, I am learning to embrace my identity in Christ.


I am a firm believer in the power of words. All my loved ones know that. I don’t allow them to say anything about themselves or about me. I am always rebuking statements I don’t agree with HAHAHAHAHA.

As I psychology student I also believe in the influence that our thoughts have on our lives. Oups and I just realized I forgot to mention where I live and where I am from. I am a Haitian queen born and raised in Montreal, Canada. That is just my way of saying that I am a Canadian dipped into the Haitian culture.


I have various passions: reading, personal growth, fitness, travelling, food. So obviously, these will be the main topics of my blog.  If you want to read book reviews, articles on my personal growth process, travel posts, and etc. make sure you subscribe to my newsletters.


Now let me introduce to you the name of this blog: the Sun that Shines Around the World. it originates from my nickname: SunshinQu33n. I first got called by that name in 8th grade. I had missed school for two days because I was sick and when I came back a friend greeted me by saying: hi, sunshinequeen. I asked: why are you calling me like that? And she answered because You are such a great source of joy that people are attracted to you the same way planets are attracted to the sun and gravitate around it. She added that people gravitate around me because of my personality. I was so shocked and overwhelmed by her sayings. But still kept the name. Over the years SunshinQu33n as been a reminder that as a daughter of God I am queen. It’s also a play on words that express that as the Son, Jesus, shines his light all over the world I ought to be a light that shines in the darkness all around. I also want to travel all over the world so it represents the capacity to get everywhere on the globe as the sun does.


So I, SunshineQu33n invite YOU to be part of the sunshines community by subscribing, sharing and commenting.


And until next time, let your light shine!